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Fill in the Blank
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All Members , Moderated

Very few rules, just make sure you always ask a fill in the blank question (ex. "Ouch, I got ____ in my eye" or "______ is an alien.")

Adding options, to make the fill in the blank question multiple choice is also allowed.

Note: I just wanted to add that our interests were chosen by our members. If anything listed below offends you, chances are the members of this community will too, and you might want to stay away. If you would like to add an interest to the list, click here.

This community was so stolen back by ringring. I rock the rainbow cock.
apple cider, asexual nymphomaniacs, bent cock, blowing kisses to strangers, braiding pubic hair, bubble wrap, bukkake, catching wild birds, comments, cum drinking, felching, fill in the blank, genital piercings, glitterbugs, heroin genitals, hotdogs made of penis, jello pudding, jessica coder, killing babies, laughing, licking amuseandannoy's nipples, mature anal sex, midgets, mondos, multiple choice, mushroom phlegm, pants in moderation, peckerwood, peeing in pools, peppermintchicks hot body, playing with monkeys, potatoes, public intox, questions, random questions, recreational menstruation, roleplaying rape, sean connery's accent, soldiers of fuck, spitting in peoples hair, stds, tripping old ladies, tv patrick duffy, using waterwings to masturbate, vaginal mucus, whores, wild buttsex with animals, xnim