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Final Fantasy: Unlimited Fans!!! [01 Jun 2011|02:13pm]

For the fans!!!
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New Community [07 May 2008|11:08am]

[ mood | sore ]

I'm a stickler for things to be kept neat. A couple of days ago i had tried to get in touch with the moderator to fix up the state of this community. Things like add tags, real userinfo & layout. When i received no reply, i took this into my own hands by making a whole new community and migrating posts there. This should make things 100% easier to find instead of skipping back 40 someodd entries.

Everything is now up and crossposted to the_comodeen, please join everyone and spread the word. (Every possible alteration of F F U was already taken..)

Thanks ^_^

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FF:U FRIENDING MEME [16 Mar 2008|08:47am]

[ mood | sick ]

I've never seen this done before, I see it a lot in other fandoms and decided us fans need to stick together ^_^


This is supposed to be a friendly meme, participation, talking, friending and pimping(And if I missed anything else..) are more the welcome.

[28 Jan 2008|07:49am]



Waking up one day you find your life just as it has always been. Living in a perfect world where you go to school or work, have friendships and meaningful relationships. you have a past and a future, a present that is so concrete that you don’t question twice.

But what if things weren’t as they seemed? What if this perfect city was too windless to be true? Things look surreal but at the same time everything looks like the reality you’ve always belonged to.

Twilight City is on a plane of existence all on its own. There is no start to the city and no end. No one really has any urge to leave the wonderful little metropolis and even if they did want to leave, they always somehow… sometimes in bizarre ways-- find themselves back in the city tucked away in their plastic little lives.

This city is a fake. But all you know and have known is the city in the Twilight.

Twilight City is a role playing game set within a contained world of one single city. It involves the characters from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Disney!

- Taken characters - Reservations -
- Disney Applications - Kingdom Hearts / Summons Applications -
- Final Fantasy Applications - Rules and Guide - FAQ -

Check out Twilight City for the entire story and more information!

Some of our PB suggestion links are currently down and we’re waiting on the photobucket account to reset. Sorry for any inconveniences!


Icons x34 [01 Dec 2007|02:52pm]

[ mood | busy ]

& riviera x04
& yggdra union x24
& miscellaneous x06 (ff:u, evangelion, kingdom hearts)

+ sig banner x01 (ff:u/cloudshipping)
+ layout header x01 (yggdra union/ensemble)

( who is calling me to this place? )


Icons x36 [04 Nov 2007|04:19pm]

[ mood | busy ]

& final fantasy: unlimited x24
& riviera x04
& yggdra union x09

( in your dream, a girl is dancing close to you//that girl is me )


[27 Oct 2007|08:39pm]

40 x Code Geass
-Lelouch, Kallen, Euphie, Suzaku, Shirley & Cornelia
20 x Darker than Black
-Hei, Mao, Huang, Yin & Misaki
20 x Final Fantasy Unlimited
-Lisa & Kaze
15 x Fate/Stay Night
-Archer, Rin, Saber, Rider, Caster & Lancer
95 x Total

♥ Credit misteline / inconcerto
♥ Comment if taking
♥ Textless icons are NOT bases


( To my icon comm~ )

Yes. I like het. A lot.

Icons x27 [06 Oct 2007|04:46pm]

[ mood | busy ]

& final fantasy: unlimited x10
& final fantasy vii x01
& final fantasy viii x02
& kingdom hearts x05
& legend of mana x02
& neon genesis evangelion x02
& spiral x02
& tales of legendia x02
& tales of symphonia x01

+ layout headers x02 (kairi, cloudshipping)
+ profile graphic x01 (aerith & tifa)

( i wanna be with you, nobody but you )


Oh God, here I go again. [29 Sep 2007|03:53pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

It seems it's been a while before I've done a good ramble. So, without further ado~:

( On how a pairing becomes One and True )

This is hosted on my personal journal (a public entry?! *gaspeth*), and as may be inferred, it's an essay on Cloudshipping. Those who like the pairing, enjoy. Those who don't, I'm sure there are much more important things for you to do than read about stuff that bothers you.

It's also cross-posted at societyofsoap.


Update [27 Sep 2007|08:23am]

I normally do not post when I update, but I thought some of you would be interested in this particular one. Update, Added OCCS (Official Character Card System) Level 2 images to Media. Added a new Vectored Wallpaper.

Please do credit me if you use my scans, if you would like your site/page to appear on links, leave a comment here or email me.
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Icons x20 [22 Sep 2007|04:08pm]

[ mood | busy ]

& final fantasy: unlimited x12
& kingdom hearts x02
& tales of legendia x02
& tales of symphonia x03
& yggdra union x01

( just a dream, just an ordinary dream )


& icons x17 [31 Aug 2007|03:49pm]

[ mood | busy ]

& final fantasy: unlimited x04
& kingdom hearts x04
& tales of legendia x01
& tales of symphonia x04
& riviera x04

+ sig banner x01 (ff:u)

( psalms & fugues & other songs )


Icons x12 [26 Aug 2007|02:33pm]

[ mood | busy ]

& final fantasy: unlimited x01
& kindgom hearts x01
& tales of legendia x04
& tales of symphonia x04
& riviera x02

( small wishes, small hopes )


Nyaha~n. [08 Aug 2007|01:49pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I know that there were people I mainly contacted through this comm who've been reading my labor of "love" (aka my life-eater) Kokoro no Hanashi.

I have some good news for those people.


Reviews prease~?

Yes, I know, fanfic spammage post WUT. But this comm needs life, 'kay? So, no complaints~



[ mood | thirsty ]

Well, no one's posted in here for a million years.


I, iconmaker and quiz person of DOOM, have just completed another FF:U project.


The Which FF:U Villain Are You test!

This might have a minor spoiler or two for After, but you've already read that here, right?

To find out who you are and celebrate YOUR villainosity, click here.

(That... was weird...)

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Icons icons icons. [23 Jun 2007|11:21am]

[ mood | cold ]

Kingdom Hearts x02
Final Fantasy: Unlimited x01
Tales of Symphonia x02
Riviera x06
Yggdra Union x10

itsu no hi ka egao ni kaeru yoCollapse )

X-posted to disaresta, ff_unlimited_, symphonia_icons, and kh_icons


We have a webpage! [03 May 2007|08:57am]

[ mood | excited ]

The wonderful people of the FF-U forum have finally launched the website! Come on over, guys, and have a look!

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Greetings + Icons! [29 Apr 2007|04:25am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello! Hummmm, I'm not very good with self-introductions. I guess I'll just say that Lisa is my favorite FF:U character, I just finished reading the After translations, and I'm currently trying to get my friend to watch the entirety of FF:U (I gave her the boxed DVD set for her birthday... SUBTLE HINT).

So, anyway, I have some icons to share!


* If it's not too much trouble, please credit ^^
* Some of these icons are really silly
* Lots of Lisa (I did say that she's my favorite character ^^;;;)

( Fake cut )

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Nine Icons :) [28 Apr 2007|09:18pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hi~~ :D

So... yeah... exactly what the subject line says. ^^ I claimed FF:U for iconfiend100 , so there'll eventually be 100 of these. :D;

x02 Kumo
x02 Cloudshipping
x01 Heartshipping
x01 Moonshipping
x01 Lisa
x01 Kaze
x01 Group

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If I don't turn out perfect, will you be a friend of mine?

(icons posted to iconfiend100 and ff_unlimited_ )


Icons x20 [27 Apr 2007|04:52pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Kingdom Hearts x6 (with miimo's bases)
Sora x02
Riku x01
Kairi x02
Namine x01
Neon Genesis Evangelion x01
Asuka x01
Final Fantasy: Unlimited x02
Lou x02
Tales of Symphonia x02
Colette x02
Yggdra Union x09
Yggdra x03
Kylier x01
Gulcasa x01 (reposted...)
Nessiah x04


Together in life, together in death.Collapse )

X-posted at kh_icons, eva_graphics, ff_unlimited_, symphonia_icons, and disaresta. Sorry if I spam up your friends list...

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