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i say red sox...and breathing

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14th August 2005

craze4alias473:24pm: RED SOX!!!!
Name - Ashley
Age - 15
Location - Vancouver, WA
Gender - female
Why did you join? because i LOVE the red sox and this movie is one of my favorites!
Favorite Actor/Actress - Jimmy Fallon/Jennifer Garner
Favorite Musical Artist - Green Day
Favorite Baseball team and why - Red Sox, for obvious reasons

Promote us in one place and tell us where - havent done it yet, but i will soon
Current Mood: cheerful

1st August 2005

soxrox058:02pm: Join redsoxbaseball

10th July 2005

xocandigurlox5:37pm: its a cryin shame...
Name - Candi
Age - 21
Location - Sarasota, FL
Gender - F
Why did you join? this movie is my life. (except reversed) i actually stood up and booed when the yanks came on the silver screen!
Favorite Actor/Actress - Lucille Ball
Favorite Musical Artist - Reba
Favorite Baseball team and why - DUH! the sox baby!

PS: i just got tix to the last game of the year at fenway! rivalry game! woot!
Current Mood: chipper

30th June 2005

velvet_dreams68:03am: Name - Nicole
Age - 15
Location - Maie
Gender - Female
Why did you join? Because I absolutely love Fever Pitch its on of the best movies ive ever seen, and to somedegree if tyou reverse the sexes of the people its about my life
Favorite Actor/Actress - Robin Williams/ Drew Barrymore
Favorite Musical Artist - AC/DC
Favorite Baseball team and why - Red Sox- i have loved the team since i was a little baby, and as soon as i heard about the movie i made plans to see it with my best friend, who is also a red sox fan
Promote us in one place and tell us where - I haven't yet but I'll be sure to do so

17th May 2005

gapgirls1:38pm: =D
Name - Tracy
Age - 18
Location - Kansas
Gender - Female
Why did you join? Because I absolutely love Fever Pitch, it's the most amazing movie I've seen
Favorite Actor/Actress - Jimmy Fallon/Drew Barrymore
Favorite Musical Artist - Green Day
Favorite Baseball team and why - Red Sox, well...the movie made me an even bigger fan and I love the story of the Red Sox and what happened through out the team's history
Promote us in one place and tell us where - I haven't yet but I'll be sure to do so
Current Mood: crazy

5th May 2005

lipglossbullets10:07pm: can anyone direct me to any feverpitch LJ icons?

24th April 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

According to http://www.moviemusic.com the soundtrack for Fever Pitch will be coming out on 4/26/2005. I LOVED the songs so I thought I'd share!

"Give A Little Bit" - Goo Goo Dolls and "Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond are NOT on the cd. If you want them please email me at Maryanne.riley@gmail.com or aim me at stalkerazzime! I'd be happy to give them to you!

I'm not going to put an application up because I only wanted to share this information. If anyone of you guys feel that you need to rate me tell me and I'll add application to this post

18th April 2005

bloodroses436:26pm: Name - lauren
Age - 14
Location - watertown, ma
Gender - female
Why did you join? because i've been obsessed with this movie since i saw it, i love jimmy fallon and the sox. :)
Favorite Actor/Actress - ian somerhalder or jimmy fallon/kate hudson
Favorite Musical Artist - fall out boy and brand new.
Favorite Baseball team and why - red sox, for obvious reasons.
Current Mood: cheerful

17th April 2005

____beachbum4:34pm: its not really an application, you know? its just so the rest of the community can get to know you.
btw; welcome to all the new members, sorry i havent been keeping up, ive been really busy

your mod ;; Ali
Current Mood: content
themashedpotato12:53pm: Why there is an application required to join a movie community I don't know, but I'll do it anyway, because "Fever Pitch" is the best, AND I wanna post icons.

Application time!Collapse )

16th April 2005

beech_blondie10:22am: Devotion

School and work has been pretty crazy the past week or so, which left no time to go to the movies. However, yesterday I was determined to see Fever Pitch. This included:

  • Leaving in the middle of class to get home earlier to meet friends who were also skipping classes
  • Meeting for pizaa and practically inhaling our food and throwing cash at waitress... not worrying about getting chage back ( i think she got a $12 tip)
  • Running to the movies and buying ticket
  • Watching film in awe
  • Running, no wait, sprinting out of movies to car
  • If you are fimilar with these high ways, you can appriciate this-- doing 80 mph in a 55 mph zone on I84, doing 70 mph in a 55 mph on the Taconic Parkway, and 60 mph in a 55 mph on Route 82.
  • Driving what normally takes a 35 minuet drive to work, only took me 22 minuets, and i was 10 miles farther away
  • Drove about 30 miles in 22 minuets... just so I would be ontime for work

Now some may say, "why didn't you just leave the movie early?" HELLO! It was fever pitch and Jimmy Fallon! There is no cutting out early!



Name -Jacqueline
Age -17
Location -Dutchess County, NY (45 mins south of Saugerties.. where Jimmy grew up)
Gender -girl
Why did you join?-I love Jimmy Fallon and all that he is related with
Favorite Actor/Actress -Jimmy Fallon!
Favorite Musical Artist -Phantom Planet, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy
Favorite Baseball team and why -I'm feeling this is a trick question, but I gotta stay true to my pinstripes, the NYY. But I am leaning more towards the Red Soxs, for certain reasons *wink*

Promote us in one place and tell us where -my journal and friends journals

** I was at lids.com and they have a Red Soxs hat, that is like the old dirty one Jimmy wears in the movie. It is made to look older and worn in!


Friends are *always* welcome!


11th April 2005

upthebum1:17pm: If anybody is interested Fever Pitch opened third this weekend making an estimated 13M. Sahara opened in first and Sin City came in second.
____beachbum4:14pm: saw fever pitch saturday. amazing. i`m going at least 2 more times ♥♥♥
Current Mood: giddy

8th April 2005

____beachbum2:57pm: FEVER PITCH IS OUT TODAY!
and im seeing it tomorrow =]
Current Mood: bouncy

5th April 2005

upthebum8:51pm: DATES TO REMEMBER

Tuesday April 5th
Drew and Jimmy on TRL
Drew on David Letterman

Wednesday April 6th
Directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly on The Today Show (NBC)
Drew on Regis & Kelly
Drew and Jimmy on eTalk Daily (Canada)
Premiere of Fever Pitch in Boston

Thursday April 7th
Jimmy on The Early Show (CBS)
E! Behind the Scenes of Fever Pitch
Drew on The Daily Show

Friday April 8th
Drew and Jimmy on The View
Jimmy on David Letterman (repeat)
Jimmy on Conan O'Brien

Sunday April 10th
Epert and Roper review Fever Pitch

Hopefully these are all correct, I'm still adding some so keep checking.

29th March 2005

____beachbum12:52pm: hey this is _thatslinkygirl and i got a new journal. =]
oh yeahh -- ps ;; i need friends! so add me and ill add you! =D

28th March 2005

_thatslinkygirl7:19pm: some guy created a boycott fever pitch website and petition. why? because jimmy fallon is a yankee`s fan.


#115 on the petition couldnt have put it better, "You really need something better to do with your time than boycott a movie just because someone doesn't like the baseball team you support. It is just baseball, jesus christ. You sicken me. Get a hobby."

honestly, dont you think its quite immature to boycott a movie? who cares if jimmy and drew we`re making out on the field when the red sox won instead of the fans. its their job theyre filming a movie, not getting famous off of the red sox success. some people really need to grow up.
Current Mood: annoyed

20th March 2005

_thatslinkygirl4:44pm: welcome! this is livejournal`s first community dedicated to drew barrymore and jimmy fallon's remake of fever pitch! please promote us!

Current Mood: blah
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