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Got Cute?

Name: Bryana [also known as] Bree.
Age: Fifteen =]
Gender: Female.
Location: ATL. Georgia.
Marital Status: Single..=\
Height: Five foot Two.
Shoe size: Eight.

Favorite type of music: Shockingly. i dont have a favorite type of music. i kinda am ADD about my music. however i feel is what comes on. sometimes country, rap, 'emo', etc.
5 favorite bands: Fall out boy, Rascal Flatts, Mest(even though they broke upp..=[), Spill Canvas, Tim McGraw.
TV Shows: Degrassi, Ghost Hunters[man im a nerd], Real World, Things on the history channel..=]]
Colors: Ice Blue, BRIGHT orange, Lime Green, hot pink.
Curse word: Douchebag. idk why but i use it often.
Type of shoes (and picture if possible): i dont like shoes =\. if i absolutely have to go out in shoes i wear this old ass flippy flops ive had for ages or my DCs.[grey&white]
Sports to play: is marching band a sporttt?[nerdmuch???]
Sports to watch: football most def.
Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Channing Tatum.
Actresses: Molly Ringwald, Lucille Ball, Sandra Bullock.
5 favorite Books: The Pact[jodi piccoult], Names will never hurt me[Jamie Adoff], Jinx[margret wild], A Million Little Peices[James Frey],Candy[idk.]
Link to your favorite website:

How many pairs of shoes do you own? oh good 13+
Are you friends with the mods? never met them. though i would like to =]
Promote to three places and provide us with the link:
you prob cant see. but i put up a myspace bulliten out of pure randomosity and promot-yness. =]]

Tell us about your physical appearance and your personality:my physical appearance? well im five foot two. people like to tower over me and point and laugh. i have somewhat pretty eyes i suppose. when im happy they turn this pretty blue and they look like they have lightning going through them. i like them. My hair is curly. and brown. and it has blonde and red highlighting throughout it. i like it sometimes...thats when it decides to not be a penis and look right.. My personality is quite a bit bubbly. im a nerd. im in marching band. but im not overly nerdy. like to the limits of awful and scary. and i dont eat sleep live band. im a great listener. i want to be a physcologist. =]. i dont dislike or hate very many people. and yep. thats me.
Ask two of your friends to describe you in one word and tell us what they say:Courtney says: hot. Tylerelizabeth: sweetheart.
Why do you want to be in the community? i think it looks like a pretty awesome community. you guys look pretty sweet and id like to make some new friends.
Where did you hear about us? i dont really remember. browsing i suppose.

2 pics minimum! No links, please post actual pics:
my pictures arent that fantastic >.<

Family Love x3
halloween and stupid kids love.

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