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Location:Origanillay New Orleans, currently Memphis
Marital Status:Single
Shoe size:9

Favorite type of music:Alternative rock, ska, or indie
5 favorite bands:
-Elliot Smith
TV Shows:
Colors: I love all colors best. I could never pick just one or two.
Curse word:Bitch (cliche but true)
Type of shoes (and picture if possible): Flats<3
Sports to play: I'm not really sporty but I like playing football for the fun of it, none for competetion though.
Sports to watch: The ones with pretty boys, like boys swimming, lacrosse, and boys soccer. Once again, I'm not big on sports for the sport of it.
Actors: Adam Brody
Actresses:Audrey Hepburn
5 favorite Books:
Slaughter house 5
Ender's Game
The Da Vinci Code
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Farenheit 451
Link to your favorite website:!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? About 10, I used to have more but they got destroyed in the hurricane. I'm now slowly building back my collection
Are you friends with the mods?Nope, I don't even know them
Promote to three places and provide us with the link:
Tell us about your physical appearance and your personality:I'm 5'5", average build, and my hair is brown but kinda purple from this temporary dye stuff I put in a while ago and is refusing to come out. I have hazel (green//brown> eyes and medium skin. I'm really outgoing and loud. I like to think I'm pretty intellegent. And I can be funny at times. I really like fashion and I can guess bra sizes.
Ask two of your friends to describe you in one word and tell us what they say:Amazing, Fashionista
Why do you want to be in the community?It seems like fun and all the members seem pretty cool
Where did you hear about us?Found it while I was browsing

2 pics minimum! No links, please post actual pics:

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