Cathy Pacheco (jcanucks) wrote in fckingcute_,
Cathy Pacheco

Bush Party...

was a pretty good time I"m not going to lie. But as always the pictures explain it all...

Karla and Me before leaving.. good thing she was drunk when I showed up at her house.

Good Nail Polish<3.


"Is nicole alphonse here?!?!"

Finally, a picture with Janelle:)


Derek. Good.

Part Frenchies, Part British, Part English (regular kind) ... I DID have them all along with others sing O Canada half in french.. and no... i don't really know them at all... but sweet people!

good thing the randoms that took the pic of me and alyssa decided to get high and blow the smoke at the RIGHT time. seeeee ya!

one of the sweet people left and got Marshmellows for the Bonfire<3. BETTER times. Good ashes in my hair though.

your high. kthxbye.

Classy :).

Social since I was gone I thought it would make sweet pictures ifi would smoke without inhaling...

I thought right. All the sweet looks, minus the cancer.

good make out though.

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