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Got cute?

Location:Baltimore, MD
Marital Status:Single, but with a "love interest"
Shoe size:9 (bigfoot what!)

Favorite type of music:
Hip-Hop, Rap, Drum N Bass, Jazz, Alternative?, Pornogroove (just kidding.)
5 favorite bands:
Deftones, Yes, Janis Joplin, Lil Wyte (yeah, whatever.. he fucking rules,) and Journey.
TV Shows:
Lingo, TRICK MY TRUCK, The Price is Right, Are you being served?
Grey, White, Champagne
Curse word:
Shitty, i use it every way possible, and make up a few new ways.
Type of shoes (and picture if possible):
i love super high wedged sandals, but my favorite pair right now is:

Sports to play:
FOOTBALL, ICE HOCKEY, AND ULTIMATE FRISBEE. (i play pool religiously, id call it more of a game, though.)
Sports to watch:
Football, Rugby, and Hockey.
Willem Dafoe, Clint Eastwood.
I dont think I have a favorite, but Brittany Murphy is damn cute.
5 favorite Books:
ONLY 5?! *deep breath* ok. The Traveling Death and Ressurection Show (its not out yet i dont think, i get free advanced readers copies of practically everything,) The DaVinci Code (except the last 10 pages.. it ruined it,) Old Man and the Sea, Lullaby, and Wasteland.
Link to your favorite website:

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
too many, about 40?
Are you friends with the mods?
Nope. But i can make friends!
Promote to three places and provide us with the link:
userinfo: http://1-6180339887498.livejournal.com/profile
promo community 1: http://community.livejournal.com/000000000066666/14376.html
promo community 2: http://community.livejournal.com/0000000000__00_/775117.html
Tell us about your physical appearance and your personality:
Well im kinda fat these days, because when I got clean I shoved enough food in my mouth to feed three people at every meal, and gained 60 lbs. But now, Im losing weight, and even if I'm not what society wants me to be, I love my body either way. Personality wise, I love life, and I show it. Im always trying to have fun, and I try to look at the good side of every situation. Im super loving and caring.. almost to a fault because I can sometimes be easily taken advantage of.. but if you take advantage of me once, its NOT happening again. I have a ton of friends, all different types, because I love everyone and give them a chance. I am never ever judgemental (except in rating communities of course.)
Ask two of your friends to describe you in one word and tell us what they say:

me: describe me in one word
dashe: Tough
me: im as tough as pinkymouse skin and you know it.
me: think of something better.
dashe: ok.. pinkymouse skin then.
me: thats two words, asshole.
dashe: well tough is the real as youve gone through alot of shit... and youre sitting on top of the world now laughing.
me: youre too sweet, wanna go out?

paul: bootylicious
me: very funny.
paul: nah really, you workin with some ass-ay.
me: that song is old.
paul: but you love it.
me: i DO
me: any other words though
paul: off-the-chain
me: why all the sudden are you a hoodrat?
paul: FINE! youre PRECIOUS.

Why do you want to be in the community?
for shits and giggles. i love communities.

Where did you hear about us?
i was promoting a community in a promotion community and i saw the promotion for this community.
it was made by [justalittlefish]


only a small percent of my free advanced readers books collection.. my favorites so far.

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