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Got cute?

Location:monroe New York
Marital Status:in a relationship
Height:5'2 yeah I know I'm kinda short
Shoe size:7.5

Favorite type of music:rock?
5 favorite bands:Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the disco, The All-American rejects, Motion City soundtrack,
TV Shows:Degrassi, Laguna Beach, 8th&Ocean,
Colors:pink, lightblue, lavender
Curse word: umm asswhipee
Type of shoes (and picture if possible):Image hosting by TinyPic
they are really confortable

Sports to play:gymnastics, cheerleading
Sports to watch:figure skating, gymnastics
Actors:Orlando Bloom, Johney Depp,Jake Epstein
Actresses:Kirsten Dunst, Stacey Farber,
5 favorite Books:The clique series, The gossip girl series, what my mother doesn't know, The secret life of bees, and The sisterhood of the traveling pants
Link to your favorite

How many pairs of shoes do you own? like 7
Are you friends with the mods? nope
Promote to three places and provide us with the link:1)

Tell us about your physical appearance and your personality:Physical appearance: ok well I'm about 5'2, Dirty blonde hair and hazel-brown eyes. I have light skin but I tan easily. I dont have braces anymore so I have straight teeth. Personality: I'm pretty nice. People say that I'm really sweet but only if your nice to me too and I hate it when people try to piss me off for no reason. I love to flip and do back hand springs all the time so im kinda hyper sometimes. I make friends easily and I like talking. I guess I'm pretty smart if I try, and I usually do.
Ask two of your friends to describe you in one word and tell us what they say:princezHenna***: amazing LoveMeDo****:fantastic!
Why do you want to be in the community? Cause I love rating people and I tell the truth no matter what. I'll always promote too.
Where did you hear about us?Just searching through communities. I saw your communties on a mean girls community.

2 pics minimum! No links, please post actual pics:Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

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