cr0ssmyheart (meggi_pi) wrote in fckingcute_,

nick & i LOL at his outfit--look @ those pants! im in a french maid costume because i was a awaitress lol. oh & yeah, that is a coffee filter on my head.
me & my love zach LOL nice slutbag prom dress.

 me & nick again me & reed, one of my best best best friends. brianna & i modeling our sexpot prom dresses lol
 the pink ladies =P the girl on the top left is my favorite--shes rizzo & shes AMAZING
 me laughing, nick kissing me (different nick. this one is Teen Angel in the show! hes fantastic!)
 me & little ashlee!! we always run together isnt she the cutest haha
 me & EUGENE (his real name is rob but hes the best geek ive ever seen hes fricken hilarious). i look kinda poopy there.

 me & the lead--Danny. hes definitely wearing more makeup than i am!
 brian & brianna doing their infamous dance pose? who knows.
 me & brendan. hes that sleezy radio announcer or whatever but i still love him haha
 lol...YEAH ZACH.
 when we were at pizza hutt before the show. this is zachs favorite pose for a picture.
 LOL nick drinking hte most disgusting drink EVER. it had like jalepenos in it. yeah. we're mature.
 shannon HOW CUTE IS SHE lol shes miss patty simcox =P
 work that breadstick. oh yeah.
i  thought that'd be a great ending to this post. ill probably have more later =D bye lovers!! 

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