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Fashion/Cam Moguls

the glittery sky.

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Heyhey everyone, basically this is a community for all you fashionistas abd camwhores.

1.If you have pictures to post, please put them under an LJ cut if its a large image. Or if you have a motherload of images, LJ-cut is needed.
2.We come here to post pictures,rant on different things. But not to squabble/fight with a fellow member. If you see the excessive need to bitch at someone..please do it somewhere else.
3.Please put your application under the LJ-cut. We do not need to be blinded like whoa.
4.60% yes votes and you'll be accepted.

Please don’t try to change the simplicity of this layout by configuring it to your own style, it really strains people’s eyes.

Note: The music section is basically just to know you a bit more, members can judge you from it if they want to, otherwise if they don’t..its really just to know you better :]

Please try to elaborate on your answers on the Fashion and Photography+Arts section as it makes your application more interesting.

The Application



You’re from?:

Why did you join this community?:

(Fashion related stuff)

Whats your fashion style(elaborate please):

Favourite Designer/brand? :

Do you normally lust after items you can’t afford? :

Denim or Corduroy? :

Will you wear the latest designs even if they look like a trashbag on you?:

Economical brands you adore:

Clutch bag or large holdall:

(Photography, Arts..whatever.)

Do you take pictures of yourself in the mirror? :

What type of photography do you prefer? (eg. Landscape, expressive) :

Which camera do you wish for/own:

If you had to pick a job between photographing schoolchildren or an elderly couple, which would you pick? (elaborate) :

What type of Art do you prefer (eg, graphic designs, pop art, abstract.whatever):

Favourite Artist?

Do you feel proud of yourself when people compliment you on your artwork or just shrug it off? :

Do you believe there’s a limit to express yourself through art?:

13 Bands/singers (point form)

Who’s your favourite artiste and why do you like them/him/her…?:

Genre of music?:

Picture!(more the better,contrastment allowed, be creative!)

Ps:You can do some basic html to the entry, like bold, underline or colour it. Please don't use blinding colours though. Thankyou.