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Welcome to fashion____!

-Please stay on topic! This community is about interesting, loud, cute, outrageous fashion. Feel free to post pictures of fashion designs, fashion photography, art concerning fashion, (interesting!) articles and your own outfits (as long as it’s not just some boring ensemble almost everyone wears!).

-This is NOT a rating community.

-Do not post promos. If you do, they will be deleted and without warning. Pictures & links to auctions will be accepted (FOR NOW!) but clothes must be... you know, of interest to us. ;)

-Any more than one image should go under a cut. This goes for large amounts of text, also.

-Just remember if you think your photo "isn't that interesting" or "poor quality, sorry!" the rest of us probably won't be too impressed!

-Please promote to others interested in fashion, participate
and have fun with it!

-Keep in mind that fashion is about self-expression and not just what celebrities are wearing this week!