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I don't know if this would fit here (Bec, if it doesn't, feel free to delete), but:

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They're cute, and I suppose some would call them fashionable...I wouldn't - they just sell really well. Ha.

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Commonwealth Games Garb

I know it's not really outrageous fashion, but it's current and fashion, and worth discussing.

the uniform has been described as a 1950s school uniform. and by "has been described" i mean by every newspaper, and/or bulletin i've read/seen.

since when does bright trimming and a logo on the top pocket of a blazer imply 50s? there's school uniforms now that look just like this uniform, so why's this labelled 1950s? it is so merely because "retro" is in. these uniforms are barely retro at all.

plaid pants and knit vests have rarely been more popular than now, and there's barely anything retro about slip on shoes or skirts with a thigh bearing split.

i would've labelled these as "school uniforms". they have no hint of 1950s in them.

i like em

2 things.

1) i like school uniforms.

2) what would you have athletes wear?