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5/27-6/7: WEEK OFF
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5 Bands:
5 Bands you do not like:
3 Movies:
Have You Ever Done any Extra Credit?:
3+ Pictures(behind cut):

In order to be a part of this community, You must have access to a camera for the extra credit assginments

The Current Extra Credit will be posted in the community as well as Next to the Icon on the community


1. 24 hours after applying, you will be stamped (or if every member votes)
2. No commenting on other posts other than your own until you've been stamped
3. Must contain at least 2 face pictures / 1 un-fooled around with
4. If No Stamp, No Vote
5. Promotion of anything is aloud if you're stamped, just... dont over do it
6. Anything you want to say to the applicant is aloud but no racial slurs.
7. You may argue with anyone and if it gets sort of annoying - take it out on AIM
8. Once Rejected, you may apply again in one week.
9. Dont Complain if we reject you. it's just kids who started some community


__Every Week and a Half You Will Get An Extra Credit Assignment.(picture missions)__

1. Failure to do the assignment will affect your grade by 4% - earn your very own E and you're out.
2. Rule #1 will test your activity
3. As long as the picture you post is in the general area of the request, you're cool.
4. If you are stamped 3 days before the extra credit due date. you must wait till the next assginment is given

Accepted members Start with a 90%

Have Fun__

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Title/Description Title/Description

100% +, 12.pass zero.45.05, 4 on the floor, 40% tests and quizzes, :( schools ending, a+, agenda, aw, b's are average, bomb threat, courtney, crat in a skrat, cut that out, cute, diet coke, doing the impossible, doing the right, doing the unexcepted, dont skip, drill, extra credit, eyebrow lift in school, eyebrows, face, facil, fire drill, get away, get it signed, girls bathroom-closed, grow up ryan, hair, hairline, hot, i barrow paper?, i have a dollur, im a mouse...duh, jawline, left, like really like ugh, make up work, mrs.ehmen, nailbeds, no name papers, no time, not melanie and jen, notes, outcome, overheads off the screen, overheads on the ceiling, picture, pizza hut, please?, pretty, progress report, rating, rating communities, really pretty, regular bell schedule, right, right way, room e218, school, sick days, take a seat, tests and quiz section, thanks, turn in early, two wrongs make right, yeah. take the clipboard, you ruin it, you two..stop, youre so pretty