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Name: janine. pronounced 'jah-neen' and not 'jeh-nee' as so many think.
Age: fourteen years, nine months.
Location: northern north america, also known as canada.
5 Bands: dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, jet, the dandy warhols, weezer.
5 Bands you do not like: outkast, d12, insane clown posse, metallica and uh, CREED.
3 Movies: pretty in pink, some kind of wonderful, a walk to remember.
Hobbie: chasing boys ;] haha! aswell as shopping, reading, poetry, redecorating my room, acting like a fool, playing dress-up and of course, taking photos.
Have You Ever Done any Extra Credit?: i don't think so, i don't generally need too, plus my school is the worst.
What?: see above.

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