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!@#$% exquisite baby

For the cream of the crop.

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

; exquisite_ _

a rating community exclusively for the creme de la creme.

rating people since the 23rd of july 2004

; current theme

(Empty out your bag and show us the fluff, the money, the makeup, whatever!)

; rules for applicants

!@#$ >> You must be 14 years old or older to apply.

!@#$ >> Put "I'm So Exquisite" in the subject/LJ-cut of your application.

!@#$ >> Make sure you LJ-cut your ENTIRE application.

!@#$ >> Only comment/post/vote when you have been accepted and stamped by a mod.

!@#$ >> If you are rejected, you may reapply with different photos in 3 days.

!@#$ >> Absolutely no promoting if you're not an accepted member.

!@#$ >> When promoting, use the code provided underneath the banner of your choice.

; rules for accepted members

!@#$ >> Vote or post at least 3 times a week or you will be removed.

!@#$ >> When you vote, put your vote (yes or no) in the subject line.

!@#$ >> When you post, put "Stamped" somewhere in the subject line.

!@#$ >> Promoting other communities is allowed but banners will have to be placed under a cut and you must promote exquisite__ in the community you're promoting as well.

!@#$ >> Take part in the themes/contests and just stay active.

!@#$ >> This is a rating community. We will be blunt, we will be harsh, we will be honest and we just might unintentionally hurt your feelings. Don't take our comments seriously and do not retaliate to hostile comments by members -- let the mods deal with them.

; application

Copy the formatted application in the box below. Please remember to LJ-cut your entire application.

; accepted/rejected stamps

accepted x accepted x accepted x accepted x rejected x rejected x rejected

; theme winners

Wishlist theme: __22: 2 auto accepts/rejects

Baby pics theme: xsaphirextearsx: 2 auto accepts/rejects

Creative entry theme: eatxmyxstars: 2 1 auto accept/reject

Crazy makeup theme: _lovehurts: 2 auto accepts/rejects

; challenge #1

A challenge is performed at random times selected by sixwaystreet. What happens is that during a challenge, one member will be voted off the community. 6 members (excluding mods who are automatically immune to all challenges unless they're willing to participate) will be given immunity from the challenge. Immunity can be gained through a variety of different ways and is decided by sixwaystreet. All members are then given a chance to vote for the member they feel should be voted off via e-mail (privately) or in a comment (publicly). The member with the most amount of votes will be removed from the community. After the challenge is over, 5 auto accept spots will be open to the public.

Users that have been voted off so far: emomixedtape , can_u_shutup

; challenge #2

Challenge #2 is very different from Challenge #1. Challenge #2 can be held at any time decided on by sixwaystreet. What happens is that each member of exquisite__ is given the chance to nominate one member (excluding sixwaystreet) they think represents exquisite__ the most in terms of looks and personality. Nominations will end after a week and then a poll will be open. All members are then welcome to vote for who they think should be the face of exquisite__ for a month. The winner will also win an award to display on their user info as well as the ability to auto-accept or auto-reject two applicants at any time.

Current winner: oh_gravity..congrats: 2 1 auto-accept/reject
Past winners: None yet!

; sister communities

If you're interested in being sister communities with exquisite__, please contact either sixwaystreet (leave a comment on her friends only entry).

hotter_then_sex - we_fucking_own - sofuckinghot - awesome_ness_ - ___dice - x_deadsexy_x - swank_bitches - __bella_bonitas - ljcuties - _______bella - aeroplane____ - selfappeal_v2 - le_elite - ___chayos - heartsinboxes - ______rad - cutieswitadream - __________lussh

; promotion banners