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I'm So Exquisite

Name: Amanda
Age: 15
Location: Naperville, Illinois
Sex: Female
Where did you hear about us?: One of the lovely mods postedin my journal
If someone invited you, post their LJ username: cressidas_love

5+ favourite bands/artists: Carbon leaf, head automatica, north star,the used, green day saraphine, noise ratchet, le tigre, guns n roses, the doors, the sex pistols, death cab, coheed and cambria.. and so much more.
3+ favourite books: what my mother doesnt know, this lulaby, go ask alice, the perks of being a wallflower, it, interview with the vampire, the vampire lestat, pandora, the lovely bones, lucky, and about a thousand others because I'm such a book worm.
Favourite grade in school // why?: 8th grade. It seems like so long ago. But not really, since I'm only a sophomore. Things were amazing back then. Sure, everyone seemed to be depressed and unhappy, but I had the closest group of friends, and I had the most amazing boyfriend, he was also my best friend. Everyone got along, and there wasn't the border line between "groups" because of what you wore or what music you listened to. Everyone was accepted, which made it even more fun then it already was.
Favourite holiday // why?: Halloween, you get to be anything or anyone you want for a night. How cool is that? I could go as a french fry, and people would still think I'm great.

What is something that makes you exquisite?: I'm not afraid to be goofy and have fun. I"m still young, and even though I don't act my age most of the time, and I'm beyond my years in maturity, its great that I can let loose and still enjoy my teenage years. I'm a huge laugher, and I love having fun.
Say something nice about any member: _holyshitimsam is the cutest thing ever.
Say something nice about any mod: cressidas_love is a sweet heart.

What is one thing you've not done that you wish you could do?: Sky dive, or bungee jump, or anything of that sort. I'm not really sure why, but it seems like a total thrill, an adrenaline rush. And I'm so for all of those type of things.
If you were a shoe, what style/brand/kind would you be and why?: Converse. Who doesn't love converse? Besides, they're oldstyle and comfortable. Can't get any better than that.
If you were a song, what song would you be and why?: "Penny and me" by hanson. Because I can't get it out of my head! Someone sing something else for me so it goes away.


Promote us in three communities/users and show us the links:

Post at least 4 photos of yourself (including a clear face shot):

*just for fun*

and last but not least

Post one 100x100 photo for the members list (if you are accepted):

This is an older one from all my other communities, but I'm going to be making more
And if Im accepted, I might hafta get you guys to change it. :P

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