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I'm So Exquisite!

Name: Marina
Age: 16
Location: right outside Philly (like half an hour away)
Sex: female
Where did you hear about us?: comment on my journal :)
If someone invited you, post their LJ username: sixwaystreet

5+ favourite bands/artists: taking back sunday, my chemical romance, motion city soundtrack, funeral for a friend, the starting line, bright eyes, thursday, rufio, etc...
3+ favourite books: the catcher in the rye, to kill a mockingbird, summer boys
Favourite grade in school // why?: Sophomore, because i wasnt the youngest and still got to make fun of the little freshmen. junior year's good but it's so busy because of all the SAT stuff... though i am excited for prom!
Favourite holiday // why?: New Year's. i don't get much for christmas (my family didnt really celebrate christmas until we moved to the US) but i get lots of money on new year's. money=good haha

What is something that makes you exquisite?: hm. i dont know. people like my eyebrows for some reason or another. but that's all people tell me haha
Say something nice about any member: bluefirey is adorable in her santa hat picture she posted!
Say something nice about any mod: sixwaystreet is awesome because she told me about this community :) and she's so nice.

What is one thing you've not done that you wish you could do?: decorate my room from scratch. buy new furniture, paint all the walls and such.
If you were a shoe, what style/brand/kind would you be and why?: hm. i think i'd be slippers. like the ones you wear inside during the winter... because i'm pretty laid back and comfortable to be around (i think.)
If you were a song, what song would you be and why?: mean old coot, zolof. because people say i can always make them smile and cheer them up. and mean old coot (and other zolof songs) always make me smile!

Promote us in three communities/users and show us the links:

Post at least 4 photos of yourself (including a clear face shot):

most recent to old...

i made that scarf!

after a TBS show

in the middle


Post one 100x100 photo for the members list (if you are accepted):

♥ xoxo
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