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exquisite baby

Name: kelly
Age: 15
Location: virginia beach, VA
Sex: female
Where did you hear about us? (Who invited you?): sixwaystreet invited me

Genre(s) of music: anything really
7 bands/artists: at the drive-in, minus the bear, q and not u, thursday, postal service, death cab for cute, dashboard confessional
Book(s): still reading but its "It's not about the bike : My journey back to life" by Lance Armstrong
Pattern(s): stripes
Grade in school // why? 10th, because we're not the youngest in school & 11th grade is a lot more work
Pizza topping: pepperoni
Holiday // why? thanksgiving because i get to see all of my relatives in one place
Country: Sydney, Australia , i've never been there but my sis has and she said it was gorgeous
Random thing: the OC

[Word Association]
Pop: britney spears
Day: friday
Sign: virgo
Paradise: bahamas
Butt: run dmc
Jello: red
Smelly: shoe
Haha: lol
Beautiful: pretty
Duck: aflac
D00d: guy
Beautiful: pretty

What is something that makes you different? i've played field hockey for 6 years & i have 17 cousins ;)
What is one thing you've not done that you wish you could do? i wish i could become a dancer. i've loved it my whole life but i've never actually gotten lessons or anything
If you were a shoe, what style/brand/kind would you be and why? hot pink pumps because they're so sexy !

[Answer only TWO questions in this section]
Which character from The Simpsons do you think you're most like? bart, i can never be serious and i'm always trying to laugh
If you were a song, what song would you be and why?
What do you hope to achieve before you die? get married, have children, and watch them grow up

[And finally...]
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