December 6th, 2004


Hey everyone....
I was just writing to tell you all that I am leaving. I have had ALOT of homework lately and with final exams comming up, I won't be able to vote/promote a lot and that is not fair to you all. So thanks for allowing me to be a part of y'all even though it was only for a short time.
It has been okay and goodluck with your community...


stamped // mod post pt. 2

Okay I changed the user info and the application a bit!

#1 - There are now more information on Challenge #1 as well as a new challenge -- Challenge #2. For those of you who can remember, Challenge #1 was when a vote-off was held and one member was voted off the community. We've only held that once so far but watch out, Challenge #1 will be coming back again soon.

#2 - Challenge #2 is a new feature here at exquisite__ and it is kinda like a member of the month thing except you will be given the power to choose who it is. Take a look at the userinfo for more info as well as the prizes.

#3 - I need some ideas because Challenge #1 and Challenge #2 are actually very stupid names, lol. Any ideas?

#4 - Themes! We now have themes! The theme for the week of December 5th - 11th is sunglasses. Take a pic of you and your favourite pair of sunnies or jazz it up a bit -- let your creativity run wild! The winner will receive an award :) If you want to submit a theme idea, post it in a comment. I've decided not to look for a seperate mod for themes yet but I might in the future.

That's it for now :) Look out for Challenge #1 sometime this week!