October 4th, 2004



Ok, first of all, I need 100x100 size pics for the members page from:


Secondly, no one responded to my post asking for suggestions about the application and such..so I'm guessing none of you have any ideas whatsoever.

I think we ought to have themes or something so people stay active...I thought it also might be fun to come up with some kind of survey for all of the members to fill out so everyone gets to know each other better (if anyone wants to help come up with a survey, post a comment).

And as always you all need to promote.

Oh, also, I thought maybe we could have some kind of contest for who can find/make the best background picture for the layout of this community..I don't know what the "prize" could be, so if any of you have any ideas, post a comment...*I'm hoping to actually get some comments this time*
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