September 27th, 2004


mod post

Ok, the deadline for posting a comment that you wish to remain active has passed, so I have purged the members list. Here is the list of members who have NOT been removed and need to be promoting and participating:

Obviously, the mods count_to_zero and sixwaystreet

And the members:

So anyway, we're basically starting over so everyone needs to be promoting A LOT. Thanks to all of you who decided to comment and stay members.

Now, I also want those of you whom I listed to comment to this entry giving ideas for themes, a background picture for the layout, suggestions for the application, and any other ideas you have on what we should add or change.

Also, be sure to vote on any new applicants we get and stay active since you said you wanted to stay in the community

For members who were removed but want to re-join the community...Collapse )
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