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Name: kelsey
Age: 14
Location: usa
Sex: Female
Where did you hear about us?: a comment in my lj said i was invited
If someone invited you, post their LJ username: it was Anonymous

5+ favourite bands/artists: Queen, The beatles, Whitesnake, Elton John, Billy joel
3+ favourite books: the gossip girls collection, go ask alice, the outsiders
Favourite grade in school // why?: 8th grade. that year was so much fun. it was last year before highschool and we had a bunch of partys and a little graduation. it was exciting
Favourite holiday // why?: Christmas. i love the feeling of this time of year. with all the houses lit up and presents under the tree and christmas partys. its a really fun time of the year. no to mention no school!

What is something that makes you exquisite?: My personality and the music i like
Say something nice about any member: _lovehurts--i love her smile, she is just overall gorgeous</span>
Say something nice about any mod: All the mods are really pretty. its cool to see how much you really do stand out when you see everyone else styles.


What is one thing you've not done that you wish you could do?: i would love to go to paris and shoppp.
If you were a shoe, what style/brand/kind would you be and why?: my Rainbows. they are the most comfortable flip flops i have and i wear them all the time 
If you were a song, what song would you be and why?:  Dont stop me now--Queen. i like being out and doing things and having fun and that is pretty much what the song is about.

Promote us in three communities/users and show us the links:1. http://www.livejournal.com/community/___lovelyy/18974.html?view=96030#t96030
2. http://www.livejournal.com/community/__sweetarts/31926.html?view=99766#t99766

Post photos of yourself (including a clear face shot):



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