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Exquisite Baby

Name: Heyy! my name is Ashlynn
Age: I'm 15
Location: borring old Naples, Florida
Sex: Female
Where did you hear about us?: someone posted a promo. in my journal

Do you support the inventing of robots? Why?: yes. because of one reason. old people. some of them are blind, or can't get around all that well. having a robot aorund would help them greatly! but other than that I don't see the point in them.
If you could "create" a new animal species, what would it look like?: it would be a cross between a penguin and a duckie! my two favorite animals. it would have the body of a penguin, but the bill and feet of a duck. and it would sound like a duck too!
What do you want to be "when you grow up"?: hmm.. .either a school teacher or an accountant, or a store manager (like at PacSun or something like that) I can never decide!
Make us laugh (show a pic, tell a joke, whatever):Picture.jpg sorry it's blurry. but that's my little cousin! so cute... that made me laugh, dunno if it will make you laugh or not... but it's just so darn cute!

Promote us in at least one community and show us the link:
Post not less than 3 and not more than 5 photos of yourself:

Picture082.jpg (that sign was for my best friend!)




Post one 100x100 photo of yourself for the members list:
that's the closest thing I have to 100x100


hope ya like the application!

<3 ashh

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