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Don't kill me for not posting last week for "worries." I was so busy with the job and then planning for this weekend, which was my friend's bridal shower out of the state.

I promise to do my best in having a better response to "don't."
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5 entries on my topic, 15+ on Jess' topic. *raises eyebrow*

"Worries, sweetheart, don't let your worries consume you," I can hear that voice saying. The soft eyes, the big hands, the gentle arms. The voice, though, there are a few voices. I hear them all; yes, I can still see them. I remember the comfort that they used to give, and now I see I'm left with nothing. Well, I'm not at great need, you know.
    Hours that I could've spent doing something productive (worrying my head off, to be exact) were wasted on fantasy (still are, but without motion.) There are too many of my friends in trouble, these days. Not trouble, more like turmoil. I wish I could fix it, change it, consume it for them. All I can do is worry, now, because I no longer see them. I wonder, have they ever worried about someone else? Do they know that they're being worried about? Hmm?
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411 never got me anywhere;

Worries slid off the moist tip of her tounge, dripping through the scratchy connection of the payphone on the corner of a dark New York street. I leaned into the phone booth, it's metals walls cold against my bare back. The sound of ice clinking in a glass let me know that she was drinking, an orange bottle of perscription pills on the kitchen counter behind her like they always were, ready to take the pain away. I counted the 'what-ifs' as they echoed through the black plastic reciever, warm against my ear.

I was done with worries, done with pain that just couldn't be killed. That phone booth was my safe place. I knew every inch of graffiti, every smudged phone number, every sticky finger print. Those drunken pick-up lines and sloppily pressed lipstick kisses were so much different than the post-it notes and magic markers by the phone at home.

It was my safe place because I knew I could hang up. I dropped the phone, leaving it to hang by it's metal cord, spewing out muffled regrets and forgotten conversations, the ones you never wanted to hear.

I can barely hear her sing-song taunt as I leave my phone booth behind. "Please hang up and try your call again. If you need assistance, dial your operator. Please hang up now."
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Read the mod post, baby!

She tells me "not to worry," because she'll be just fine. She tells me that her problems will pass on like the wind, over her. "It will resolve itself in time," she says, assuredly. There is no doubt in her voice, nor her motions. She does not slouch, nor shake, like the way she used to. Her lips, painted, curl into a smile, parting to speak softly. Her patience scares me; why?—I don't know. Her voice has changed from loud, and noticeable; to soft, and with intent. I can no longer tell if she is pretending to be something she's not, or if she's become this.
    No more quicksilver sweetheart, she seems to be breathing easier. What was this sudden weight lifted off her?—will she ever tell? Does this mean forever, now; with all the goodness, sweetness, and intent? Is she trying hard, anymore, to be something beautiful? Will she answer my questions if I ask them in the right voice? Is there a right voice for her, anymore? Is, is, is, is? What, what, what, what? Will she evaporate once she's finished with her compassion? Will I miss her at all? Come to think of it, she was never that nice to me.
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