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hey all.. first entry on the community

She was lucky that her daughter inherited all of her looks. She was also lucky that they got back together the next week and spent a drunk night together. They were on a break... one just long enough for her to wreak havoc on her insides. It's murder to give up now. It will know it's a bastard if I reveal it's origins.

If ignorance is bliss, her daughter can grow without the knowledge and incumbent guilt of her real origins. The mother cradles her newborn child, glancing between the baby's sleepy eyes and the unknowing eyes of her husband of two months.

Way down, she knows.

[yeah.. i had an idea and ran with it.. i didn't have enough time to develop it enough, but that's what first came to my head when i read, "way down, she knows." it's interesting to say the least, right?]
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Way down, she knows.

The color of the sky will most likely always be brilliant blue, except at night and in storms. Things may always stay close to the same way. Strangers may glare, and friends may betray each other. Money will continue to walk into the lush, city-like horizon.
      A million lovers will part ways. Tragedy will strike, and euphoria will rear her broad-grinng head. The same mania will exist, and be hushed up by pride. Everyone will still have a few secrets they can never tell. Many will give faith to an omnipotent mother or father. Americans will search out the same old generic dream. They will never tire of this search, no matter the extent of the vanity it asks for. Many will go blind with jealousy.
      The politics of love will shift a bit — woman on top, man on top — but keep the same ideal: an unconditional thing. Time will fly like airplanes through the clouds, and over many people . Carelessness will become empowerment, for a time. This too shall pass, like all things.
      Way down, yes, it all seems absolute, perfect, and finite. Yes, this world is solid, and she knows that. Down, down, down! Way, way down inside her. The crucifixion, the anti-Christ, and the Son of Sam will never get parole. Way deep down, she feels omniscient. Still, the bright headlights tell her to shut up. Her prophesy ain't of no use in these parts. Shut the fuck up, whore! Why do you play God? Love will go down, way down. (6.20.04)
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Way down, she knows.*

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