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Weird One

Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

One of the things that sticks out the most is probably the first showcase of my weirdness.

My teeth have always had gaps and I thought for sure that I'd have to wear braces, but the dentist told me that I have "healthy" gaps meaning that it's easier to floss than to tighten them up and since I've never had a cavity. I digress . . .

My mom, her boyfriend, and I attended a viewing of the Sesame Street Ice Capades (I think this is why I always love watching figure skating as cheesy as the Ice Capades are). I begged my mom for a souvenir: I got a Sesame Street button to wear on my shirt. It had Ernie and Cookie Monster on it, who are my favorites. Before we left though, I also asked for something to drink. I was really thirsty and even helped my mom finish her soda too.

On the car ride home, I took the two straws and stuck them over my two front teeth. I tapped my mom and said, "Hey, look, Mom! I'm Bugs Bunny!"

She told me to take them off, that I might hurt my teeth, but she was laughing and took a picture.

That image of my weirdness is forever engrained in my mind.

P.S. I can still put straws on my front teeth too; we all need our refuge to be a kid again.

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kissing a moose

I was a Little Shit.

Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."
When I was less in age, I loved myself. This was long before. I let the world occupy me and I was its center. I was high-class. I lived inside my Grandmother's pronunciation. I detested the thanking of the dinner ladies. How could I understand anything? I played knights and ladies in my garden, solitarily. My joy was trinket stories, my pages filled with felt-tip-graced gowns. How could I speak? I latched on to the words of the world.
How can I retain this hunger for delicious philosophy, the non-existence of me, the width of the oceans and the warring worlds outside? I will humble myself, smaller and smaller, until I am an old child. Until I am lived and spent and worn and free. Until my stories escape and embody words.

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Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."
in a purple friendship booklet
dated back to fifth grade,
a question:
the kind of secret you never tell?
&lightly penciled in:
"a big secret"--

a secret so big that
it is buried below a mess
of pink hair ribbons
and lime knee socks
that litter her bedroom floor,
until her shining golden guns
corrode into piles of dirty rust

when she depends upon moments of solace
to find space to breathe;
when remembrance would cost everything,
she can't afford to lose;
when nothing comes
except the silence.

lurking beneath shadows
darkness of the night
creaking foot in the doorstep
nerves falling, shattered
breaking on the face of the ground
sure to be heard by ears
that belong on a face
that controls movement of a hand
that crawls under the blankets
and finds its way down
until prizes unavailable in cash
are found in a treasure trove.

but this is not a game of pirates
and arrr! matey, never comes
from gaping lips that part
because this is a game of
daddy plays dirty games
and daddy gets what daddy wants
until there is nothing left here
but this little
and fingers are raised to disgusting lips,
and promises are made
to never



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Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

Life was like an ocean, and I was the swimmer, so little and insignificant. Endless hours of Barbies, of creating stories in which I would forever lose myself. The tape recorder marking down my voice, a babyish story in times long forgotten. A blanket, a stuffed cat, the ticket to my fancy. My house was built of wooden bricks, my soul free to roam the endless fields of my condo. Two pig tails dancing with the wind, as I swung the day away, closing my eyes and singing about sparkles and rainbows and everything no one else had time to sing about.

I saved my cousin from a blizzard in the middle of summer, and we were married three times. I was Underwater Girl and I could see the end of the universe...

I liked to dance and I liked to laugh and I loved to cry over little things.

Center of attention---
Touched by dreams---
Lost in imagination---

It was my job to save the world and it was my duty to smile while doing so.
It was my job to create fantasies from innocence and my duty to make them last as long as the day was long.

But, alas, I am now retired.
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Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

I remember...

you said we'd be friends forever
you and me
we ran circles around the fields
of your backyard
screamed out lion roars
and saw ourselves in the Savanna
hunting butterflies with
blackberry-gore smeared across our lips.
I burned my finger on your gramma's stove
and refused to cry before you
we were proud as lions
we were
we stayed up late
and told ghost stories
whispering as the house turned
and a bell rang in the distance marking a death..

Do you remember?
Do you remember me?
and would you know me
if you saw me?
proud as lions
we were.

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Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

remember that yellow bicycle that you fixed so i could reach the brakes? remember when i got lost? remember when i looked and acted like a little boy with the crew cut and army tags and no shirts? do you? i hope so, because i don't. by the sounds of things and the box of frozen memories, i wish i could remember. i wish i could go back and stay that way forever. bruises instead of sadness and scraped knees instead of guilt and disappointment. i want to be able to laugh anywhere and anytime i want. i want to watch cartoons again. i want to be a head short so i can't go on a certain ride at the amusement park. i want to trip and fall.

i want out.

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Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

I don't remember what your voice sounded like, princess. I remember more of your friends than I do of you. I have no singular event to exactly remember you. Step for step; eyelash to lipstick; '80s earrings, and clothing. I'm bigger than you, I've out-lived you, princess. I've tried to fit into that flower dress for three years, since mom found it. It has never fit well, and I don't think I could get into it now. I'm taller, because I'm a lot more willowy than you were. Then, I don't have a memory of whether you were ungodly thin, or average.
    The only vivid memory I have of you, princess, is the beads. The time mom told me to go look and see if everyone was smoking in there. I knocked on the door, and you all were. You ran over to me and pushed me through the beads in front of the entrance way of the room. I was a fucking three year old, and I was being abused. Even mom said I was almost completely neglected when I was little. I came back to mom in her rocking chair, I think with cigarette in hand. I don't remember if I was crying, I just remember telling mom that she pushed me out of the door. I don't remember being comforted, I remember being nodded at. Pushed aside like some smoke, or some brush.
    I was reading about Carl Rogers (I think), who believed that when you're little, you figure out what people think is good and bad, by how your parents react to what you do. I must've done something really wrong to have always felt this bad.


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Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

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