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Try again,
the blonde instructor says, barely moving his hands
closer or further from the carabina.

I want to come down!,
says the younger boy, his voice leaning
tugging at the edge of a precipice.

We've got you,
the instructor replies, barely blinking.
The kid sways. The rope sways. He is unmoved.

I want to come down,
says the kid, getting the hang of climbing:
the way you've got to not move to get you what want.
hour follows hour, 45

You can dangle your carrot, but I ain't gonna reach for it.

Try again because you were this close, this time. Next time you'll get there. (No, we really don't think that. We'll keep holding this bait in front of you because we know you'll keep reaching for it. There's something about the never winning that your masochism loves. There's something about keeping you in the box, and spending all your money, that makes us quite happy — and rich, not to mention! We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Consumer! Keep losing for us! Remember to keep smiling!)
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Try again
Or at least dare to.

It's not all that common, failure is arrived at through expecting success, which can only be arrived at by failure. I am not here to push you, to force you into what you believe cannot be done, doubt can be a useful tool, but it can be your greatest enemy, especially when mixed with fear. Trusting in yourself is key, trusting in your tools is key, fear and respect are not mutual. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Don't pretend it isn't up to you, oh, it is, and you're going to have to carry that weight.
You must be ready to try and will your ideas into existence, you must be ready to sacrifice.

Don't take it too seriously. Contemplate just how much you need this success, never look at something but once, you've gotta see this thing from every perspective. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Sure, you died.
But you're back.
Link, go out there and save the princess.

(Geek bonus: 3 semi-famous sci-fi quotes be hidden within. Find them and bragging rights are yours)
credo!, 36


As of 8.20.04
Try again.

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