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To interfere

How dare you?
You hurt me,
and don't realise
that I was almost there.
Almost over you.
One small action equals
One hundred steps back
You hurt me,
and don't realise
that I hurt and care.
To interfere
is wrong,
unless you really love me.
I was almost there.
Almost over you.


I've been a member here for 3 or 4 months now, but have always sat back and read everyone elses work, but never posted myself. This is my first attempt. I hope you like it.

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To interfere
would be murder
so I watch
and I wait
and I paint
pretty images
of how you and I
would truly be
without her
and her lies
and her faux happiness.
She's holding you back
and I could do better.
But I don't dare,
not once,
kissing a moose

To interfere

Your fingers interfere with mine
You toy with my cheek,
play with my lips,
mess my hair.
You wind me up.

And when we kiss,
don't think I can't feel
your hand hard on my throat
your teeth that nip my lip,
your body shaking and fretting as we kiss.

It's better if we leave each other alone for a while.
You live in your body, and I in mine, for
all a Montague need do is set one foot in the house of a Capulet
or touch eye to eye
to spark a bloody riot in young hearts.

This is kinda long, but I never write in here (X-posted to journal)

To interfere takes harmony in itself.

I was taking the bus home one day, when it broke down. I was about three miles from home at the time, and it was just on the doorstep of winter. The frost of night had left everything petrified, or so it seemed. The birds were no longer here, and the grass was brittle enough to snap. I decided to walk the rest of the way.

Winter seems to be the death of all, a blanket of silence and a dream of being warm. My mother once told me that small birds sometimes freeze to death because they go to sleep, and they dream of being warm. I remember her telling me that as I stared at the perfect corpse of a sparrow, lying on the concrete patio that was part of my front porch.
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To interfere

I don't want to disturb your sleep walking
Your waking eyes could not see such a thing
As this is. Pull down these shades, I will
All these bright lights, I kill
To interfere with your dispassionate power
I stand here, behind you, to cower.