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"May your strength give us strength," Springsteen.

Three years ago my father had cancer. Three years ago my mom and I flew to Oklahoma where he was receiving state-of-the-art treatment, which sent his cancer into submission (thank any and all powers that be.) My great aunt Rilda had a very mean cat. She has since moved to another town, though I'm not sure where. Rilda looks so much like my grandmother it's almost scary (even though I've taken into consideration that they're sisters, and that it makes perfect since for them to look alike.) I slept in a guest room with pictures of the dead, and those I had not met, surrounding me. There were voices and conversations, so many conversations between so many people. Three years ago, today, I flew out of Newark Airport to Oklahoma. The day after, I awoke to an explosion.
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As of 9.10.04
Three years.

Maybe I'm daft, but I just realized that it was September 10th. How strange? Anyway, this community has suffered a lot of vacations and shit. Sorry. I haven't been posting in my own fucking community, and that's just dumb. Okay. Sorry about that.