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sleep now

sleep now and all shall be well in the morning,
or shall it?
who says that a sudden shout won't wake you, and jolt you back to where you were before?
who gives that right for peace?
what will sleep do to resolve the bloody mess around me?
will it act as an instant cure?
will it sooth my tired weary heart?
will it patch the peices of my life back into one?
Sleep now, and sometimes pray it will last forever.
kissing a moose

How did I miss the last title??

Sleep now, live later

Feet snapping through the briars
Briars snapping through the feet

This is just an imagining. This is just

Him kissing * all over all hot
Hot all over all of * kissing him

Sleep now. A weird dream comes

This is the house that Jack built.
Yesterday I learn what houses meant

In dreams. Sleep now.

Sleep Now

She smiles in her sleep, and tightens her grasp on the sheet. I am sitting cross-legged beside her, holding my mug of tea close to my chest, watching her sleep. The cold is grating against my bare legs, but she looks so warm and uncomplicated, so purely content. She never used to. Last year she would weep and whimper, fidgeting and tossing so much that often I'd find myself waking, sandy eyes focusing on her feet collapsed on top of the pillow, the bulge of her up-side-down body underneath the covers. I would pull the sheets over her icey toes, revealing a disheveled, lightly groaning mess of hair and arms and a sleepy frown, and I'd smile sadly, kissing her head and heading into the kitchen to boil the kettle and help her revive after a night more energetic than most of her days,before she fell into the shower then out for another day of computer screens and faux-smiles.
This is the first time I have seen her smiling at her dreams. She looks amused and she sighs when I rearrange myself, freeing my sleeping legs and spilling some tea on the duvet. I curse in whispers, attempting to mop up the stain but too lethargic to find a cloth in the kitchen. It's four o'clock, I've been sitting here, watching her for over an hour, and I have to wake up at seven. Slipping beneath the covers, I weave myself around her, she shudders when despite my best efforts, my cool toes touch her calves, but curls into me, trapping my leg between her own.
Her warmth is soporific, her sleep, infectious.
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Turn the word around, and you'll know who it's for.


"Sleep now,"
A mother says to a child
So far removed from joy.
Any day now things might be different
Any day now things might uplift.
Any, any.... Any day now!

Sleep now, we tell ourselves at night
Willing insomnia to take long flight
How could one so beautiful sleep
And have us go to such a short death?
With an instant, with a breath
With a moment
Any day now.

The sky is overcast with shadow
The clouds of the autumn come in
With the brilliance of a breaking sky
That seems as though it is the angels' cry.
Where does this wailing come from?
Why does it persist?
In a moment, any day now
Your life could be the one that's missed.