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Skeleton (give me some opinions on this, I think I need to work on it some more, but this is all a result of one two-hour sitting)

It only takes a few days to mold out perfection sometimes. I suppose it's because i've been doing this so long. I want to stop though, I don't like perfection anymore.

My name is unimportant, because if you're reading this, you know who I am. You know what i've done. but you don't know where I am. And you're standing here wondering where the fuck I'm hiding, how I have escaped you. You have not found my body, but I assure you that I am dead. Collapse )
kissing a moose


If I had no skeleton
I could be mashed, moulded
Like the clay God spits on,
Breathes on, makes man of.

As it is, I am a rib.
I'm of the line of moon.
So let me fit the curve of lip
Like an instrument of peace;

Dove-throated chord.
I won't speak, except
In holy breaths I take
For holy songs to make.
three words.
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i dream of you, when i wake up
without a memory —i know it's always you.
everyday with you becomes the day of the dead
i celebrate the demise of what was once strong
about us. we were more than simple
human bodies combined. no, we were far more
than flesh wrapped around skeleton.
the color of our combined skin
transcended sight. we were a body of light
darkness comes, now, from my fingernails
dripping ink like it was neon black
nail polish. i awake to the morning
far before light. we are the days
and the ever traveling night.
we had gained the equipoise of
blindness and sight. acute awareness.
we are children of the heightened senses
but we dissimulate to protect the blind.
the blind who seek the blind
to be akin in the 4 shared heightened senses.
but, in my dreams, you are nebulously
disguised as someone far less familiar.
i will always know you. and, you
have been blessed to never
forget me.

Forgive this, some of the words may have been used incorrectly. It may not even make all that much sense with the topic; but, this is what I wrote for the topic.

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I'll hide you
in my room,
my love.
My darkest
And when mother comes
to catch me kissing
she'll never guess
that you are so near.
Clothed by
all my hand me downs;
scented by my detergent.
I'll love you
forever more
until she finds you
in my closet.

NOTE: Ugh. I"m not happy with this at all. But it's 2:13am and I'm stilla little foggy on reality. Give me a break, just this once?
Catcher in the Rye

Giving this another shot

in my closet,
now rubble on the floor.
Brittle, bleached,

how you wore
them so. Never
fully hidden, never
really revealed.

empty pits remain,
with an all
too familiar baring

have tears fallen
from those lacrimals?
Or was it simply

churn, then wash
away; isn't that
the cycle?

don't seem to
last. Maybe they
never truly

he is now;
shamelessly naked.
Decayed to the

Lock the door,
grab the broom,
sweep away,
start anew.

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