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Miss Smoking



Teeth in the mirror gnawing on shrapnel,
my eyes remained the same. Debris lodged
in my gums, my tongue burnt by metal from the fire.
I chew on the ash from whence I came.

Topic: Reborn

It's my first time posting. :)

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Rebirth was welcomed long ago
I wanted no reprise,
I was happy where I was
why did it have to die?

We had perfection and you know it
and our happiness was true,
but somehow you lost faith
and you let us come unglued.

Friendship has to do for now
I know we both need time,
keep hacking on your saxophone
I'll keep writing out my lines.

You're not so far away
as you're practicing your Blues,
my writing was reborn again
and you've become my muse.

Topic: Reborn

Some days, I dream
I dream of wings of flame, carrying me through the night
The flame engulfs me
Beautiful flame embracing me, warming my very soul
Self-hatred, gone, burnt to a crisp
Nothing but ashes left of this shell
Nothing left but me
Enmidst the warmth of the comforting flame
The loving flame that burned away my flaws
Leaving me a little less whole
A little more free

A hand reaches out
Draws me forth
Into the light
A gentle hug
A warm embrace
My flame
My loving flame
My glorious flame
Given life
Given soul
Given body
Given heart

And I?
I grow
Reborn to a new and better self