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Lyrics to make a poem

This could be my entry:

They won't see my face like this
see my face as a shadow
I could be wrong
or I could be strong (7 Mary 3 “I Could Be Wrong”)

And I'm having fun just thinkin' about you
Now I could go sane or I could go crazy (The Moffatts “Just Thinkin’
About You”)

So I thought - hell if it's over
I had better end it quick
Or I could lose my nerve
Are you listening - can you hear me (Matchbox20 “Rest Stop”)

I could follow you and search the rubble
Or stay right here and save myself some trouble
Or try to keep myself from seeing double
Or I could make a killing (Aimee Mann “I Could Make a Killing”)

I refuse to continue to try
I felt like i would die or i could breakdown and cry (Aaliyah “Refuse”)

I could leave you, say goodbye
Or I could love you, if I try (Pet Shop Boys “Left to My Own Devices”)

Or I could spend the evening
with my boyfriend because it's his birthday.

What would you do? ;)
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Or I could wander around, heart in fist, watch the skyline receed. The smell of wet saw dust dominates this preview of Spring we're having now. Yes, I'm sure you would love it if you weren't so swept up in everything else. It's almost like we're preparing for Summer, an end to all things. To chase away all these beautiful faces, and gentle breezes. "We would've this, we would've that," I can almost hear you say, wistfully. But the answer is obvious: "No, we wouldn't have, we couldn't have." Blessed light, fiery snowstorms!—yes, I do believe I am ready for late July. We could've painted the horizon-line dark colors, to satisfy our own darkness. We waited much too long for that, we've waited much too long already.
"maybe by next summertime, we'll have forgotten it all," David Gray.

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or i could.
or i could rip these pages
to tiny shreds; revert into
a cherry-liquid antibubble
to swim in my own self-denial,
honey-thick and enveloping;
to pretend i am five years old again,
tucked safely in my mother's breast pocket,
never worrying whether words equal home
or scores are school are money are living are--
small and soundless;
lifted from beneath this weight.
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hello! my first post...

Or I could
letting the back door hit my ass
on my way out
because you won't be anymore.
my bruises will heal
new skin will be tanned by the sun.
feels almost more dangerous now.
being away from you
will create new depths
where air can reach me
and i'll really be breathing
for the first time in a long while.

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"Or I could take you," you said to me, your nails digging into my flesh. Desperately, aching, you sought the fire within my eyes. It was smothered long ago, and you wished to light it once more. "I can poison you."

I could feel your breath tracing my spine. Shuddering, I longed to draw you closer to my body, to feel your warmth envelop me, claim me.

"Cyanide kisses." I warned you of my knowledge. You were the epitome of desire, the incarnation of danger. "I won't drink your liquid." Resistance is not my best feature, but I refused to be your submissive sunset.

"Fall," was your command. But I only knew how to rise.

I never kiss with passion; I only kiss with curiosity. You have burned away all traces of wonder, and I couldn't allow myself to relieve what I have never given in your embrace.

A failure at what you do best, you couldn't rekindle the flame. My eyes reflected your darkness.

Endless pain is always beautiful.

Or I could...

waste my way into a skeletal wonder. dehydrated, but i know that would be so ultimately useless.

wearing jewels on my skirt & feathers in my hair i could walk into memories & sadden myself.

i'm left with the same questions though, what is the point?

or i could just keep on running & try to outrun myself.
kissing a moose

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Or I could rule myself. See the crown slipping over one eye. This is an operastar, in full flow. This is my ouverture.
My lungs swell with a lipstick-coloured fruit, my song ripens
My cry is higher, higher, higher
My land floods with these rich words,
My touch is toxic and abundant, my clutch wide
My sweep generous. Everything falls, falls, falls.
This is my epitaph. Life is incredibly short
and breakable is all but One.
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Or I could walk down alone, to the boardwalk. Chase every childhood dream down, and get yet another concussion out of my obliviousness. I wonder if you would still care for me, if I showed you my numerous bruises. Would I still be beautiful enough to scare the shit out of your friends?
    I could paint my toe nails red, and argue with myself over my finger nails. Send in my camp application, or I could procrastinate another month. Waste my time on missing you, or I could very well lie down. My money in my candle holder, I wonder what I'm in for. Will I still be beautiful enough for you to get past March?
    A million missing files, and an empty home to show. Here, I will burn you my finger tips if you will copy your eyes. Xerox my sighs, and break down the strands of hair. Or I could just let you go empty-handed, and heartbroken. Yes, maybe I will.