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20, silent legacy

Poor Gov. McGreevey.

It stays the same
The world turns, the sun fades
Women lie and cry behind shades
Of mediocrity and sadness
A thousand new reasons to cure the madness.
We ache to see the sunrises yet again
For the patience is not enough to atone the sin
Of anger, or lust
Of danger, or trust
Sleeping in the bed of a wolf
Does not mean sheep's clothing is good enough.
An excuse that goes unheard
Is an excuse yet still.

The leaves change from green to grey
Over a months time gone in a day
The penny spent is a penny earned
But still, what is the lesson learned?
That it's OK to fraud the elections;
That it's OK to kill in all directions;
That it's not OK to be gay in the government;
That it's not OK never to relent
To the authorities and patriot acts
The offices filled with middle-aged, white rats
Not taking the blame for their own mistakes
But letting us pay taxes to give tax breaks
To the richer, the higher, the better, the "have mores,"
But what about us who don't get anymore?
Do we struggle from day to day without a decent wage
Only to be laughed at and scorned by those who get better pay?

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It stays the same.
The weary cry in their rest

as shadows grow and I am
born into nightfall.

No rest for the yearning,
pain catches and I am left

with the need I held before,
I am a solitude among the multitude.

Few are kind faces, rare pleasentries
often misinterpreted.

Broken hunger
for love.

day rises, and I
have yet to find a friend.
kissing a moose

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It stays the same.

The world, in a mind,
is constantly grating against heaven
is constantly dust in space.

The trees grow, o, and
the trees fall too. The rocks and plants observe
that nothing is given, nothing removed.
Constantly nothing at all.

It is not so hard
to see shades. It is hard to tell what lives,
what dies

- but this I know: we teach to our children
we say nature's a bright gift of it
and as all grows, all dies, this stays the same. This stays the same.

Nothing's gonna change my world...

"What Now?"

It stays the same, every moment another breath dies still, evapourating off the delicate glass facade that separates me from you from everything from me. The condensation makes a temporary cataract, and in the moments where I can't see your face so clearly you become anyone I want. My imagination runs away from me when I think about the possibilities that change everyday. Fractured images rest their weary particles in the farther reaches of my memory; I collect them with the greatest stamina and courage I can muster. It is exhausting to remember everything about you while wanting to forget everything inside you. Nothing changes because there's nothing to change. I couldn't break the glass barriers if I wanted to. Besides, the wispy patterns of our breath on the windows to you to me to everything else to me look so attractive these days. It may be that we have reached the Golden Age of Stability and Separation. That is truly something.

It stays the same.

She had perfected it
The fake smile, with the bright, model-like teeth and the glossy lips and the crinkly eyes.
Even though her insides ate her alive, she dressed perfect
acted perfect
smiled perfect
and made everyone believe she was happy.
When they turned around, the tears would fall,
But composure was quick to gain
And no one knew,
No one had a fucking idea.

It ate away at her.
It nearly killed her.
The acting, the never-ending sham of a life, the sadness she was never able to stop.
So she changed everything.

No one saw the perfect smile,
they saw her honest frown.
Her crinkly eyes were hidden by uncontrollable tears.
Her teeth were never seen
except when she was screaming from agony
and despite being truthful,
despite fucking finally showing her fears, her thoughts, her wishes, her dreams, her now un-maskable pain..
It stays the same.


As of 8.6.04
It stays the same.

Just to let you know: I feel way bad about how much I've missed. A lot of crap happens over my summer, and not to mention redoing stuff in my house kind of makes everything shifty. (That, and power outages kind of make it so I can't have my computer on. Damn the man!) I'm so, so sorry to everyone who posts regularly! I'll do my best to keep this up now. :D

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