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Put Your Had on My Person-Chin



I forget the quieter moments-- the simple evenings at home reading yesterday's newspapers (because nothing comes to us on time) and counting the distance between lightning and thunder-- one second, two, three, four miles away. The storm is four miles away, so there's enough time to run the garbage out before the rain really starts coming down, so would you please? It was easier then to understand our place in the complexity of the world.

We were people who lived quiet lives, a whisper in the middle of too much noise. We laughed then! We agreed it was better to be happy, as we were happy-- to ignore the world at large and concentrate on the finer things in life. You made those vermillion drinks. They were goregeous; I miss them. But now my head is pounding as I shift lanes, weaving in and out of traffic, navigating patterns that call back to the path of the needle in and out when you knitted scarves. Everything reminds me of those days.

Right now my mind should be racing but it moves slowly, wading through viscous waters of better memories, before I came here... this city is the epitome of the kind of misery that brings memories to the mind before the present things, and makes nostalgia a more tangible thing than it was before. I swerve quickly, nearly hitting a pedestrian, but still I can't come back to the present moment. I need a drink. A beautiful, vermillion one.

-Ron Adams (formerly theshadowcaste)
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I forget sometimes, that I am but human. It's too easy to fall into the trap of my own divinity. But, here, I will give you my own words: Never forget me, though my immortality fail. For my words are but hollow, but they aren't for sale. So tell my ghost, my memory, my boast, if my words be sold. For I shall bend, and I shall break any who would be so bold. Forget this not, for I shall indeed not.

"I forget."

Do you ever get the feeling that you have completely lost yourself? You try your hardest to maintain your own state of mind, but despite your best efforts to prevent it, you slowly collect bits and pieces of the people around you. The pieces become the defining parts of yourself. You didn't mind at first, but reality's kicked in, and now you'll try anything you can to get rid of them just to feel comfortable again. When you feel you've finally become yourself again, however, nobody seems to want you anymore. It's as if the only reason you existed is because people recognized something when they looked at you, and now there is nothing to relate to. You attempt to bask in the glory of your uniqueness, but all people do is push you away. So, in a desperate search for affection, you go against your better judgement and pick up the pieces you'd acquired and tossed aside, and people begin to look at you in recognition again, and you push everything else out of your mind. Eventually, you wonder why you needed to be unique in the first place, but the only logical reason is, "I forget."

(It's my first attempt at writing in almost a year, and it's sort of jumbled. Don't critique too hard.)
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As of 1.7.05
I forget.

I figured that I'd use a somewhat simplistic topic, as the last one was... far from. Kudos to the one person who wasn't a mod who posted (you know who you are.) Be well!
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