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Minus a few very slight changes, I wrote this yesterday before I knew the topic, when I was being all spaztic about something or other. It's surprisingly fitting, so I'll share, but I'll write something uhh.. good... later. Second-person rarely turns out well, bahh! Oh, there's some foul language, so watch out if you're a youngin'.

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My tarot deck... Yeah.


8 of Swords
Seems like a self-sacrifice
To find my soul beneath this vice
Surrounded and loving every minute
By this delicious metal.
3 of Swords
Whose treachery, yours or mine?
To find the tearful woman moan
Her sorrow to a man in a
Golden helmet.
Can he hear it?
Justice XI
Will you right my wrong?
Will you right his wrong?
Which wrong will be undone?
4 of Swords
War-torn, tomb and coffin
I stand, my hands
In prayer to an empty sky, dead God, etc.
Beside your sword, your tongue unleashed my
The Emperor IV
My, my Emperor
The Ram King! All hail thee, don't bother.
Your royalty to my divinity,
I will stand here unimpressed.
But to your hands, your voice, your caress
My vulnerability I will undress.
The Wise One IX
The resolution, absolute
Closure, perhaps?
Do you remember me, saying that
Over and over again? Can you still
Hear my chanting over the shouting
Of the December winds?
Here. I'll say it: I'm sorry for what I've done.
Not only to you, but certainly to
Any I have done harm.
For your bright eyes, and kingdom come
I owe my wisdom, in part, to you.
I forgive you, I thank you
And more than anything,
I release you.
three words.
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As of 12.03.04

For those of you who haven't been in the community that long, you don't have to have "forgiveness" as the first word. It can be the topic. (However, it still has to be in the subject line, or something like that, in bold before the entry. Just the weird way I run communities. hah.) Happy fucking December, already!