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Don’t Dismiss the Little Things

I began the journey to my mailbox with hardly a care, giving my daily walk little thought to feed upon. I strode down the driveway unmindful of anything, musings far too random to pinpoint. The only sound I heard was the noise my footsteps made upon the gravel, for there was no one around. No people were present to disturb the still peace that loomed in the air.

Freeing the latch from its captor, I opened the gate, slowly, lest I should interrupt the profound silence I was so unaccustomed to. I executed ten more steps before I finally reached, and opened, my mailbox. I retrieved the mail feeling as though I were performing a rare task, despite the fact that I carried out such a chore each afternoon. I closed my mailbox with a mental shrug, ready to shake the odd feeling and return to my home.

Before I carried my prize back, however, I found my attention drawn across the street. Five horses stood in a line, their eyes fixated upon my presence. They looked on from their own gate, our gazes interlocked. We remained this way for a while, as if there were a silent communication passing between us, as if time itself had hesitated its continuous flow in order to allow such an exchange.

Then I came to, the moment breaking into consciousness. I walked back to my house, all speculation absent from my mind. Once again I listened to the lonely noise of scratching gravel accompanied by the creaking of a rusty gate.
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Don't look at me,
Not like that.
I cried, and..
And you know it.
Stop looking at me,
Like that.
It means everything to me,
And nothing to you.

Don't look away from me,
Not like that.
I don't care anymore
So why do you?
I can't feel your eyes on me
As I dance, twirl, sing.
Why isn't anything
Like it ever was before?

Don't stop caring.
I lied when I said I did.
You were my first,
You are my only.
Don't look away,
But don't stay.
I can't take you here..
But I can't take you gone.
20, silent legacy

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"Don't speak too loudly, you'll disturb my watching the television," says my father in subtle words. "Don't love me so much," says my absent-eyed lover, in almost-verbatim words. "Don't let on that you're not all in one piece," says this new, deeper voice in my head (is she me? She must be, she must be.) "Don't cry so hard," I say to myself, after letting my PMS-infused nearlymessybreakup get to me (only once, only once.) "Don't worry so much," says the world, that's falling to pieces (how many died today, Mister Bush? Oh wait!--you're on vacation! Sorry to bother you!)
    "Don't let them get to you," say my haphazard dreams, filled with martial arts and semi-precious gifts. "Don't let them bring you down."
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