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Unwritten ROARS never get heard

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Excuse Me
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All Members , Moderated
excuse_me___ is a community for artists. The artist is not limited to one medium. Whether you feel that you are a writer, photographer, painter, musician or otherwise, if you are an artist: you belong in this community. (Note: This community is just getting re-started and our users post member's only. Although it seems somewhat inactive, give us a chance.)

What Happens
  • A topic is given each week by one of the mods; you create something using that topic.
           Either utilize the topic in the art, or base your art around the topic.
  • Any kind of creativity is welcome (if posting pictures, or extra long entries, please use the lj-cut.)

  • Do not be harsh to each other. Critiquing is acceptable, if the artists so specify.
  • If you steal something, we sincerely hope the guilt will eat you alive. If it does not and we found out that you have plagarized someone else, you will be immediately banned from the community.
  • Absolutely no "TyPiN liK dIs," whatsoever.

  • Put the current topic in bold or in the subject line.
  • You can post up to twice under one topic.
  • Please post only on the current topic.
           If you post with a previous topic, you must also post for the current topic and list both topics somewhere in the entry (entry body or subject line.)
  • If you feel more secure, you can make your posts "friends only."
  • This is an acceptable example of posting here as is this. Simple, nay?

    Current Topic (as of 02/15/08)
  • Create art in the style of another artist

    dove95 (mod)
    thyexecutioner (mod)