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Tell him to be patient.

He held me, by his hands, his eyes, his stare. Muscular arms encircled my waist, pulling me close, feeling warmth, feeling calm, love, happiness.. feeling. So long. His eyes held mine, blue pools of depth and love, of respect and beauty. I lost my knees, felt weak next to him, with him, but empowered all at once. He mouthed the words, the three words that every girl longs to hear but cannot bear it when she finally does..

I closed my eyes, breaking the connection, while he held me closer, forever closer, just waiting to hear. My mind, screaming, "Tell him to be patient! Not yet!" But my heart melting. I slowly open my eyes, surprised that he's still waiting, why did I make him wait? The blue skies plead to me to feel the same, stretching for eternity, searching my conflicting mind and heart.

I turn away.

And he knows.
And he understands.
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