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5 entries on my topic, 15+ on Jess' topic. *raises eyebrow*

"Worries, sweetheart, don't let your worries consume you," I can hear that voice saying. The soft eyes, the big hands, the gentle arms. The voice, though, there are a few voices. I hear them all; yes, I can still see them. I remember the comfort that they used to give, and now I see I'm left with nothing. Well, I'm not at great need, you know.
    Hours that I could've spent doing something productive (worrying my head off, to be exact) were wasted on fantasy (still are, but without motion.) There are too many of my friends in trouble, these days. Not trouble, more like turmoil. I wish I could fix it, change it, consume it for them. All I can do is worry, now, because I no longer see them. I wonder, have they ever worried about someone else? Do they know that they're being worried about? Hmm?
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