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33, lost my favorite word

__tedious in excuse_me___


As of 3.5.04
You give me flight.

A few notes to you all. First of all, I love that I'm writing "3.5.04" it just makes my morning. Second, I'm glad that there are a few more people who have recently joined! I look forward to seeing your posts very much! On that topic (no pun intended), I want new means of promoting this community. I thought of making banners/links for this community for those, who wish, to place it in their userinfo. However, I would also like some of you to help.

I want everyone to be involved in this, not just myself and Jess. For those of you who are interested in submitting some links/banners, you would be linked in the userinfo for your efforts. Before I tell you the kinds of links/banner styles that I want, I want to show my dictator side. I will not, under any circumstances, accept ugly links/banners. I don't care if you worked really hard on it; if the colors clash, the font is ugly, and other such things: I will not even show it to Jess, let alone the whole community. (Jess might not be the other judge for this, however, since she's busy with school. Props to her for educating herself!) I will not stroke your ego, I'm sorry.

What I will need size-wise:
Banner: 468x60 pixels.
Link: 88x31 pixels.
Button: 50x50.
What I will need text-wise:
Talk to me now (capitalization optional, for the image.)
Unwritten ROARS never get heard (capitalization on "Unwritten" optional; but on, "ROARS" it has to be caps. Unless you have another idea for it, which is cool, funky, and all that stuff.)
I am open to any of your ideas for text, just let me know what they are first. The main ones I want are the ones I already listed, but if it's "cool, funky, and all that stuff," then fine!
What I will need color-wise:
Light gray
Light pink (combined make the community colors.)
Any color scheme that's cool, sure! I don't want only dark colors, I would love some pastel entries, as well. I want to show all sides of this community, light-hearted, and introverted.
What I will need font-wise:
Almost any bitmap used correctly
Beautiful, flowy scripts
Really, anything that's legible is fine. I'm just telling you my personal preferences, anything different is fine.
What I will need besides (opt. stuff):
One pixel black border (or xnumber?)
Lotsa brushies
Grids (straight up-down lines, blinds, etc.)
Animated (especially fades!)

Lastly, there is no limit to how many entries you can send in for this! I'm not expecting many people to participate, but I still want a fair amount of entries to choose from. I'm going to hold a poll in the community to help choose which ones to use. I don't want to choose that, that many because I hate cluttered pages! I'll take a lot of the buttons, and maybe two rows of 3 for the links, but banners? Possibly two banners will be accepted. I will host the images for the userinfo, and the polling. You need not worry about that, unless you want to be very gracious. :) But, for sending it to me... please host it somewhere! I really don't like receiving attachments from people I don't know well. (freewebs.com, or focusindia.com if you need hosts.) Think you can handle that? Email me! I look forward to it!


i made a bunch of images. can i post them here as a reply?
If you have to ask, you didn't read all the way down. Read it again, host your images, and send them to me. (I'm sorry, I just don't trust attachments that aren't from my parents! ;))
hmm alright.
sorry i read it but i dont think i fully understood b4(tired lol)
ill email em