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__tedious in excuse_me___

Or I could wander around, heart in fist, watch the skyline receed. The smell of wet saw dust dominates this preview of Spring we're having now. Yes, I'm sure you would love it if you weren't so swept up in everything else. It's almost like we're preparing for Summer, an end to all things. To chase away all these beautiful faces, and gentle breezes. "We would've this, we would've that," I can almost hear you say, wistfully. But the answer is obvious: "No, we wouldn't have, we couldn't have." Blessed light, fiery snowstorms!—yes, I do believe I am ready for late July. We could've painted the horizon-line dark colors, to satisfy our own darkness. We waited much too long for that, we've waited much too long already.
"maybe by next summertime, we'll have forgotten it all," David Gray.