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__tedious in excuse_me___

Or I could walk down alone, to the boardwalk. Chase every childhood dream down, and get yet another concussion out of my obliviousness. I wonder if you would still care for me, if I showed you my numerous bruises. Would I still be beautiful enough to scare the shit out of your friends?
    I could paint my toe nails red, and argue with myself over my finger nails. Send in my camp application, or I could procrastinate another month. Waste my time on missing you, or I could very well lie down. My money in my candle holder, I wonder what I'm in for. Will I still be beautiful enough for you to get past March?
    A million missing files, and an empty home to show. Here, I will burn you my finger tips if you will copy your eyes. Xerox my sighs, and break down the strands of hair. Or I could just let you go empty-handed, and heartbroken. Yes, maybe I will.