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Queen of Music

Weird One

Describe an event from your childhood, without using the word "childhood."

One of the things that sticks out the most is probably the first showcase of my weirdness.

My teeth have always had gaps and I thought for sure that I'd have to wear braces, but the dentist told me that I have "healthy" gaps meaning that it's easier to floss than to tighten them up and since I've never had a cavity. I digress . . .

My mom, her boyfriend, and I attended a viewing of the Sesame Street Ice Capades (I think this is why I always love watching figure skating as cheesy as the Ice Capades are). I begged my mom for a souvenir: I got a Sesame Street button to wear on my shirt. It had Ernie and Cookie Monster on it, who are my favorites. Before we left though, I also asked for something to drink. I was really thirsty and even helped my mom finish her soda too.

On the car ride home, I took the two straws and stuck them over my two front teeth. I tapped my mom and said, "Hey, look, Mom! I'm Bugs Bunny!"

She told me to take them off, that I might hurt my teeth, but she was laughing and took a picture.

That image of my weirdness is forever engrained in my mind.

P.S. I can still put straws on my front teeth too; we all need our refuge to be a kid again.

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