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spoonlike in excuse_me___

what is infinite?
hands panning through
murky shadowed water,
velvet sky, star-studded
with tiny diamond lights:

soft drip,drip of
second hands melting out the hours,
a constant pulsing tandem
rushing past in light speed years,
whirling all breath from my lungs

as i drift along a thin line
between empty promises

each a moment lost
in space among my fingers,
an aching ribbon-time
twisting shades of violetblue
&honey-summer poppies
bleeding smoked lavender and pink

for decades that melt
        to centuries
until time 



while the circles of
my galaxy's rotation
become a milk-white swirl
of the song within my bones.


Yes, beauitufl structure.. Try here: a_leaf_falls. It's beautiful and resonant and meaningful. :)
wow, thank you.