Tori (__tedious) wrote in excuse_me___,

I know the borders of being cliched, thankyouverymuch.

Passion is you walking in through the side door of the church, in a blue suit, and a tie. It was too much of a scene not to laugh, and as people saw you, they couldn't hold it in. Mrs. M***o asked you if your piano concert went well, and you said it was half-and-half. The duets were awful, but everything else was fine. You had come in late, and it was almost expected that you would come in differently.
    I remember how you looked as I was leaning down for water, or putting something back in my purse. You leaned down, and looked at me while Nicole was our barricade. You smiled, and it was one of the most ineffable sensations. I realized that no matter how long I'd been with something much prettier, she would've never smiled at me the way you did then. Now I see that when July rolls around, I will miss you more than I had expected.
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