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What Drives You?

Passion is is being excited about something that you can't help telling other people about what ever that passion is. You tell them on and on, even if they have no clue what you're talking about, but the more you talk, the more excited they get about your passion as well. It sucks them in.

Passion is what I live for. It's what drives me. If I had nothing to be excited or passionate about, then what's the point of living, really?

Passion is persistence. If you didn't have passion for something or for someone, you'd give up. I have passion for sex, so I always want to make love to the SO. Even if I'm not particularly "in the mood." It's my passion. Most people are like me and even have an obsessed passion with sex and will fuck about anyone that moves.

On the other side, you wonder how the chaste monks, saints, and priests are able to do it. After all, not all of them molest. :p In any case, you know what their passion is? Their passion is for God. You almost have to envy them for that. I love God and all, but I believe God created sex so that I could experience passion personally and that act itself is almost getting me closer to God.

By now you all probably thinking I'm a sexaholic, but it's far from the truth.

In fact, what's more passionate for me than sex? Live music, especially coming from good musicians. You can go to concerts and hear a duplication of the studio album, but where's the passion in that? If an artist can interact with the audience while still drawing you into the music the same way you can be in listening to the song alone in your room or with other people, then that's passion. I've gone to a handful of concerts where the artist brought nothing for the audience and just stood there to perform the songs for the money. That's not passion and I'd argue that that's not even music. Real music is created from the heart and soul, not to sound cliched, but every cliche has some sort of truth.

Passion is why your heart beats or why you have a soul. If you don't know or have an answer to that, then perhaps it's time for you to start contemplating that.

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