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I was stupid then, when I believed I could conquer the world. Young and inexperienced minds are prone to wild daydreams. I thought the world existed at my fingertips and I could be anything, do anything my little imagination could conjure. I was blind to my own faults.

I was stupid then, when I met you. You were this new, unexplored world, and I wanted to become your sole inhabitant. I thought I could make it work. But I was blind to the distances.

I was stupid then, holding your hand as we walked down the road that was painted by the dried leaves. My hands were so small, too small to grasp that which lay out of reach. You were so far away, and yet I had you right beside me. The steel walls you spent so much time laboring on stood between us, and I believed I could break them down. I was blind to my weakness.

I was stupid then, thinking I could know you. I didn't see that you wouldn't let me in. Didn't see you covering up the holes in the walls, whispering truths into the darkness. I was deaf to you.

I was stupid then, stupid and caught up in a fantasy world that lacked the bridge to reality.

I'm not so stupid anymore, for I'm now building that bridge and letting the truth cross over. I'm opening my eyes and facing a new sunrise - one in which you are no longer my silhouette.
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