April 12th, 2007

I was the crazy one

I was the crazy one
I was the lucky one
I was the tamer of stars
I was the mustang of moonrockets

You were the complacent one
You were the practical one
You were entrenched in the deep soil of each step
You were overcome by every sunrise

We were the happiest one
We were the transient one
We were the wishers in flaxen garments
We were the sunlight caught on a dropt penny

Now I am the crazy one
And you are the complacent one
But we are the lonesome two
We are the glance over a left shoulder


first post. any thoughts appreciated
Miss Smoking

I was the crazy one.

Not Crazy

The palm of my hand
took the brunt of my anger,
fist into soft skin on
sunny days.
Moonlit rides on the side
of a car, I screamed for a
joy not now remembered;
I was eight.
Recent transgressions
brought me to ask others
to catch my fall, my wrist
as I leaned over railings,
out windows.
No one ever answers,
they know that it
is not a cry for help.