February 16th, 2007

Miss Smoking



Teeth in the mirror gnawing on shrapnel,
my eyes remained the same. Debris lodged
in my gums, my tongue burnt by metal from the fire.
I chew on the ash from whence I came.
Miss Smoking


As of 2/16/07

Welcome to anyone new who has posted! Please, get the word out for this community. If enough of you are posting for the topics it will garner more popularity. If people see a community that barely no one posts in, who would want to be apart of it? The more energy you put in here, the better this community will do. That is, unless, you don't want the community to do well (/passive-aggression.) If you have any ideas of what you/I/community members could be doing to promote, drop a comment on this post or any other "Topic" posts.